Faratta Fan

Faratta Fan

Features of Faratta Fans:

  • Heavy duty capacitor motor for better energy efficiency.
  • Aerodynamically designed and well blanced 3 leaf broad metal blades for excellent air thrust over a distance at minimun noise level.
  • Heavy and large base with sturdy construction for better stability.
  • Vibration free operations.
  • Telescopic height adjustment.
  • 3 Speed rotary switch control.
  • 2 tone powder coated finish for 100% resistance to corrosion and durability for longer life.
  • Close mesh guard for safety with matching guard ring for aesthetic look.

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Our Journey started with Sh. Satya Narayan Agrawal, where in him with his humble beginning and a dream to serve the public with high quality electrical products started his journey in to electrical field with a small shop in the eastern city of Biratnagar.

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