4 Way Socket With Single Switch

4 Way Socket With Single Switch

Product Code: EWS-4W13

Std. Pkg. : 1

Product description
Today with digitization, the no. of electronics have increased which has given way to the phenomenon called ‘Voltage Distribution’. today’s stressed power system can lead to sudden spikes in input voltage use. Electra spike guard
prevent these spikes by suppressing the voltage automatically to protect the sensitive equipment like computer system, TV, Music system etc. from under voltage, surge voltage, over voltage & lightning.

Product Features

    • Sturdy Design

Ideal for housing, electra spike guards is made with tough material which adds to its durability even with rough usage.

  • Multi-purpose plug sockets

The versatile sockets are designed to provide easy access to various household appliaces having diffrent type of plug. the product comes with 4 such multi plug sockets.

  • Watts 1500w Max
  • Current rating 6AMP
  • Voltage 240 AC 50HZ
  • Cord 2 Meter
  • Heavy Duty Brass Connectors
  • Child Safety Shutters
  • High Power MOV for protection
  • Fuse Blown indicator
  • Power on Indicator, On/Off Switch
  • Fuse Protection
  • 4 Universal Shuttered sockets

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